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The innovation platform for new insurance products and business models

Digital change may confront the insurance industry with economic and technical challenges, but it also offers great opportunities. On the unique Novum Cloud Platform, insurers – in cooperation with new market participants – can bring innovative products and new business models to market easily, quickly, and cost-effectively, even while disposing of low capital resources. The pay-as-you-go pricing model significantly reduces cost risks.


NCP for Insurances

Focus on your customers: Develop new business models and innovative insurance products tailored to your needs, including new value chains, and test them without risking any costs.

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NCP for FinTechs & InsurTechs

Bring innovative ideas and insurance products to market quickly and easily and develop new value chains together with insurance companies.

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NCP for Third-party providers

Offer value-added applications as SaaS solutions to insurers via the Novum Cloud Platform and continuously expand your sales channels and your business.

Upcoming Events


23 and 24 May 2023 in Leipzig:

Cloud Use in Insurance Companies

15 June 2023 in Berlin:


08 November 2022

Novum-RGI at InnoVario and the Trade Fair Congress

At InnoVario, Novum-RGI will show how cloud-based SaaS solutions can make an important contribution to the implementation of resource-saving business processes and, together with die Bayerische, will demonstrate at the trade fair congress in Leipzig which sustainable innovations make a future-oriented policy system possible.

19 October 2022

Successful project completion – Novum-RGI introduces V'ger at the insurance group "die Bayerische"

Novum-RGI implemented a new portfolio management system for its business partner die Bayerische. The Elementar project was successfully completed at the beginning of October.

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