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The NCP enables the realization of creative ideas and innovative insurance products!

The unique Novum Cloud Platform offers new market participants such as FinTechs and InsurTechs the opportunity to provide the insurance industry with their ideas to and to bring new value chains with innovative insurance products to the market quickly and cost-effectively in cooperation with traditional insurance companies.


The pay-as-you-go principle enables you to implement your ideas simply and without running the risk of increasing costs, even with little capital resources.

New business models, innovative insurance products and new value chains


The Novum Cloud Platform lets you bring new business models and products to market quickly and cost-effectively. Concentrate fully on your customers and develop new value chains tailored to their needs and can be integrated quickly and flexibly, yet are secure and compliant. Generate continuous revenue within a fully automated system without IT administrators, and practically without marginal costs.

New value chains

Develop new, demand-oriented value chains together with insurance companies and continuously expand your business. The Novum Cloud Platform is technically simple to integrate thanks to REST APIs and supports your individual sales channels.

Fully automated system

With its flexible infrastructure as well as its self-learning and rule-based IT operation, the Novum Cloud Platform is a fully scalable and fully automated system that makes System IT administrators unnecessary.


The fast deployment of applications in the Novum Cloud Platform and the immediate worldwide availability, enable the quick and easy introduction of new business models with innovative products, in cooperation with new business partners and ecosystems.

Compliance first

The Novum Cloud Platform includes a worldwide unique security and compliance concept.

Pay-as-you-go pricing model

License costs, maintenance costs and unpredictable project costs are a thing of the past. The pricing model is adapted to the demand of new market participants. They only pay for what they use. That makes setbacks bearable and successes much more enjoyable.

Award-winning solution

The Novum Cloud Platform has already won several awards for its globally unique security and compliance concept.

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