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The NCP launches new applications for insurers on the market!

The unique Novum Cloud Platform gives third-party providers the opportunity to both offer their applications that generate added value for insurers as well as their customers as an SaaS solution quickly and easily and expand the variety of intelligent software solutions.

Develop new business models for your applications and continuously expand your sales channels and your business.


The Novum Cloud Platform facilitates the quick and cost-efficient launching of new business models and products that are not only swift and flexible to integrate, but also secure and compliant.


The fast deployment of applications in the Novum Cloud Platform and the immediate worldwide availability, enable the quick and easy introduction of new business models with innovative products, in cooperation with new business partners and ecosystems.

Compliance first

The Novum Cloud Platform includes a worldwide unique security and compliance concept.

Award-winning solution

The Novum Cloud Platform has already won several awards for its globally unique security and compliance concept.

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