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Vportal – The communication platform for insurance brokers, their clients and insurance companies

With the help of Vportal, which runs as a SaaS solution on the certified and secure Novum Cloud Platform, broker customers have the opportunity to access their digital policies (insurance contracts) around the clock anywhere in the world, communicate securely with their insurance broker without e-mail, exchange documents and report claims online. The insurance broker can process the claim correctly in his brokerage system and then transmit it to the insurance company involved via the Vportal.

Through the integration of the particular broker system via standard interfaces, all steps take place completely digitally without media disruption. Every step is fully documented in the Vportal and can be traced at any time.

Insurance brokers and customers always keep an eye on everything in the Vportal!

Not only does each customer have an up-to-date overview of his insurance portfolio and his individual insurance contracts, but he also always receives immediate feedback as soon as a claim has been processed or settled. Every change in the broker's system that is relevant for the customer is automatically transferred to the Vportal.

The insurance broker retains complete control over the data provided by the customer at all times and can edit it in the Vportal, based on the requirements of the DSGVO. All operations are automatically controlled via the broker's system, so there is no need to open the broker's IT environment for external access. The automatic scaling of the Vportal prevents an overload of the own IT environment due to a high number of simultaneous customer accesses.

Single platform

for all parties involved to handle business processes together

High customer satisfaction

through simple and effective dialog steps for communication

Online reporting

and settlement of claims, also through the connection of your IT systems

How you and your customers benefit


The Vportal offers insurance brokers, their customers and insurers many advantages:

Online information

on partner and contract information incl. documents as a basis for reporting claims 

Cost & time savings

as manual activities and time-consuming follow-up are no longer necessary

Top service

through continuous availability every day around the cloc

Do you have any questions or would you like more information?


Please feel free to contact us without obligation. We will answer your questions and work with you to find a solution tailored to your needs.

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