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Virtual assessment of automotive and property claims:
simply, quickly, and securely

Damages can now be easily evaluated through remote access. aestimo is a Skype-like tool that enables on-site damage evaluations instantly no matter what distance.
As an SaaS solution on the Novum Cloud Platform, aestimo offers insurers the possibility to evaluate claims simply and securely via live video call without any changes to their claims handling processes. Offer your insurants an additional evaluation option to assess automotive and property claims at their convenience and increase trust, customer satisfaction, and transparency by involving your customers in the process. Within just a few minutes, you can assess and document the damage with the help of the insured on-site and avoid long customer waiting periods as well as adjust claims more efficiently.

Benefit not only from the worldwide unique security and compliance concept of the Novum Cloud Platform, but also from the pay-as-you-go pricing model. Pay only for what you actually use and reduce your costs significantly.

aestimo: The virtual assessment of automotive and property claims as an SaaS solution is so simple
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Gained trust

by involving customers in the assessment process and more transparency

Time saving

by eliminating travel times and reducing customer waiting periods

Cost savings

by using a pay-as-you-go pricing model ensuring that you only pay for those services you actually use

Highest photo quality

by HD photos instead of screenshots, independent of the connection quality

How you and your customers benefit


As an SaaS solution, the smart tool for live video, remote support and data gathering offers you and your customers many advantages in the event of a claim:

Advanced options

by a simple solution with added value without complex change management

Seamless integration

into all claims processing systems through API interfaces

Secure live video call

by a simple, encrypted link via SMS instead of a complicated app

Security & compliance

by using a fraud-proof tool on a worldwide unique high security cloud platform

Do you have any questions or wish to request further information?


Feel free to send us a non-binding inquiry. We will answer your questions and we will find the customized solution for your demand together.

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